Municipality of Pogoni

The Municipality of Pogoni is a municipality of the Region of Epirus, which was established in 2011 by the merging of the pre-existing municipalities of Ano Kalamas, Ano Pogoni, Delvinaki, Kalpaki and the communities of Pogoniani and Lavdani.

The largest of its villages is Kefalovrisos, while its seat is Kalpaki. Delvinaki, which has a rich history (founded in 1081), has been designated as the historic seat of the municipality. The village with the largest population is the Parakalamos.

It borders to the north with the Municipality of Konitsa and Albania, to the east with the Municipality of Zagori, to the south with the Municipality of Zitsa and to the west with the Municipality of Filiates and Albania.

The rich historical and cultural heritage and the unparalleled natural environment is a pole of attraction for every visitor. The visitor has the opportunity to visit the historic sites of the 1940s epic, which were a symbol of the resistance and victory of the Greek soul in the modern history of our homeland.

He can also combine visits to the rich archaeological sites, feel the religious reverence in the churches and monasteries, admire the architecture of the mansions, live the lush beauty of nature, cool himself at the splendid waters of our region, enjoy himself at the beautiful traditional festivals and at the rich events organized by the Municipality with the local bodies, enjoying the pure wine and tsipouro of the area.

The municipal authority is working intensively to improve infrastructure, to promote historic and natural monuments and to strengthen alternative forms of tourism. We invite you to explore and enjoy the natural beauties of our Municipality and of the wider region in one of the most beautiful prefectures of Greece.

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