Municipality of Andravida-Killini

The Municipality of Andravida-Killini is a municipality of Western Greece which was formed by the Kallikratis Programme by the merger of the preexisting municipalities of Andravida, Vouprasia, Kastro-Killini and Lechaina. The expanse of the new municipality is 354,12 km2 and its population is estimated to be 26.333 inhabitants according to the 2001 census . The seat of the municipality is Lechaina and the historical seat of the municipality is Varda.

The municipality has a wealthy production of agricultural products and fishing, in its majority there is lowland and a great part of it borders the Ionian Sea. In addition, it has clean and organized beaches, tourist accommodation of all kinds (from luxurious hotels to camping), a port in Killini from where ships depart to Kefalonia and Zakinthos, an air- force airport in Andravida and a variety of historical monuments and sights.

A special ornament of the municipality is the lagoon Kotichi, which is located northeast of the township Lechaina, at the Forest of Strofilia, which along with the lagoon are protected by the Ramsar treaty. They are also included in the eleven protected wetlands of the country and they have been acceded to the most significant habitats of the Natura 2000 Network.

Having been defined as a “natural paradise”, the lakeside area of the lagoon Kotichi is an enchanting coastal mosaic of habitats. Over 5.000 m2 of sandy beaches, sand dunes with sea lilies, followed by lakes with reed beds, bushy expanses and forests, where pine formations of magnificent beauty value exist which are reflected in the waters of the swamps. The fish fauna of the lagoon is lush while in the area, in various seasons, over one hundred species of birds have been observed.

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