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Lake Nevropoli

The word “Nevropoli” comes from the words «Nevros» (fawn) and «City» since according to the local tradition the area was filled with deer. It is located at a distance of 7 km from the Local Community of Eleftherochori in the Municipality of Lamia and 12 km from the historical place of Thermopilae and it is an exceptional sample of natural beauty and a piece of natural wealth of the Mountain Kallidromos.

It is one of a kind at the whole mountainous mass of the Central Greece, a starting point for excursions to the most magical places of Mountain Kallidromos, but also an oasis of relaxation and activities for the visitor of Kallidromo’s land. The mountain has a variety of vegetation while its northern side, including the Lake Nevropoli, is defined as a landscape of extraordinary natural beauty.

At 1100 m, in the location of Triantafillia of Nevropoli, a large karst well holds the watercourses forming the lake Nevropoli. The landscape is rare in Greece during the winter and the summer season as well, when the soil remains wet providing a “home” for many amphibians including the alpine triton. In the surrounding lakeside area in addition to the stunning flora (Filipendullavulgaris, Festucarubra and other species of crocuses and orchids such as Orchismascula) a significant fauna is noticed as well, consisting of many birds of prey, wolves, savage mammals and a herd of savage horses as well that it often appears to the lake searching for cool and water.

Αt the same time τhe lake is  a main attraction for locals and visitors of the region during the whole year. Hiking, bike racing, camping are some of the activities, which are held at the lakeside area while the lake is a special theme of photography and study by the nature lovers.

Source: Municipality of Lamia