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Municipality of Lamia

The municipality of Lamia is one of the seven municipalities in the Prefecture of Fthiotida, the largest in expanse (947km2) and the second largest in population (75.315 inhabitants-census of 2011) municipality of the Region of Central Greece. It was formed by the Kallikratis Programme at 2011 by the merger of the municipalities of Gorgopotamos, Lianokladi, Ypati and Lamia. Lamia is the capital of the municipality and the seat as well of the Region of Central Greece.

Socially and financially the Municipality of Lamia oscilates between the civil nature of the Lamia city with features of a developed regional city, and a commercial, industrial and transport center at the hub of the national road “Athens-Thessaloniki” and the dwindling agricultural nature of the geographical area at the delta of Spercheios, the valley of Spercheios and the two mountainous masses of Oiti and Orthris.

The historical and archaeological research to the distant past highlights the long history of Lamia and other areas of the municipality as cities of especial administrative or commercial and communicative part: Amfiktioniae, Thermopilae, Merchant Center during the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman period, Byzantine Castle of Ypati, Alamana, Bridge of Gorgopotamos are some of the most prominent reference points of the region in history.
The natural wealth of Oiti, Kallidromos and Orthris gives a unique beauty to the local districts of the municipality of Lamia while they uniquely complete  the puzzle of the municipality defining it as a destination for every nature lover.

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