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Lake Pamvotida

Pamvotida, the second oldest lake in Europe after Lake Ohrid, known as the lake of Ioannina, is the pride of Ioannina. The beautiful lake is crowned by Mitsikeli mountains and in the east by Tomaro ridges, or as it is also called Olytsika ones, while its basin is mainly filled by water of three sources of Ntrampantova, Sentenikos and Kria ones, that gush from Mitsikeli and streams.

The freshwater lake of Ioannina spreads on a surface of 23 square kilometers, while its depth has an average of 4-5 meters, while in some places even 13 meters. It is part of the basin -which together with Giannena- is perched at a height of 470 meters above sea level. Lake Pamvotida has a perimeter of about 33 km, its length is almost 8 km and at its broadest point of is approximately 5.5 km.

The lake of Ioannina is a fine and delicate ecosystem, which belongs to the European Network of Protected Areas (NATURA 2000), «home» for flora and fauna rare species, such as crayfishes, sheatfishes, carps, ducks, eels as well as many amphibians and migratory birds. It also constitutes an important source of life, economic one because of fishing for Ioannina, while it is also a stylish international center for sporting events, including skiing, rowing, kayaking-canoeing etc.

Source: Municipality of Ioannina