Lake Kastraki

Lake Kastraki located near Kastraki village in Aitoloakarnania, 12 km. away from Agrinio-Arta National Road. It is artificial lake constructed in Acheloos riverbed at the junction of Inachos tributary. The lake surface covers an area of 28,000 square kilometers. The lake dam height is 95 meters, has length 530 meters and the thickness in its base is 380 meters. In dam hydroelectric plant is constructed that saves considerable energy by not using oil and does not pollute the environment. Lake Kastraki ends to northwest in Bampalio village creating an environment of remarkable beauty.

The islands of the lake, the picturesque churches around the village and the beautiful aesthetics of the remaining buildings contribute to the composition of images that could be a source of inspiration for every artist.

Source: Municipality of Agrinio

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