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Lake Ziros

In the west of Filippiada at a distance of 4.5 km the beautiful lake of Ziros is located. The lake region is unique habitat, almost untouched by man. It has an area of ​​420 acres and surrounded by lush with many species of trees and other plants. The beauty and serenity of the lake, ideal for relaxing walks and cycling along its banks, charm the visitor.

Geologists believe the lake was a lake cave but the ceiling collapsed about 10,000 years ago. The aquifer of the lake is the same as that of Louros river, therefore both aquatic systems communicate with each other. The dimension of the lake is approximately 900m x 600m. Maximum depth of the lake, according to measurements made by Charalambos Gouvas in 1997 was found 70 meters, while in the northern bank the immediate depth in the rocks is 9 meters. The south shore gradually «ends» to a shallow beach. Water temperature ranges from winter to summer from 9,6οC – 21,2oCοC.

Source: Municipality of Ziros