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Lake Oroklini

Oroklini Lake is one of the seven natural hydrobiotopes of Cyprus. It is located about 10km from the city of Larnaca and in the south of Voroklini community in Larnaca province. Under the European Directive on Birds, Lake Oroklini has been determined as a Special Protection Area (SPA) (CY6000010) for two important species of birds that live there, the black-winged stilt Himantopus himantopus and spur-winged lapwing Vanellus spinosus that belong to Annex I of the Directive on Birds. Additionally, under the European Habitats Directive, it has been determined as a Site of Community Importance (SCI) (CY6000011) for halophytic vegetation. It is also one of the three hydrobiotopes, where the Community legislation is applied (Acquis communaitaire), – the other two ones are Lake Paralimni and Larnaca salt pans.

Apart from the two above bird species that are the main ones in the lake, four more species that belong to Annex I of the Directive on Birds nest or have been recorded to nest (Troullourida Burhinus oedicnemus and tern Sterna albifrons), while Ploumidis Charadrius alexandrinus and sea-swallow Sterna hirundo nested only in 2007. In addition, 58 more species of Annex I use the lake during migration (spring or winter) or to hibernate while 36 migratory species that do not belong to the Annex I, aquatic birds mainly use the lake during migration. 190 different species have been recorded overall in the lake. It is also notable that Lake Oroklini is the only area in Cyprus that nests duck Netta rufina during the last four years (2009- 2012).

Source: Life project Oroklini