Municipality of Dodoni

The Municipality of Dodoni covers the whole south area of the prefecture of Ioannina, bordering with the prefectures of Arta and Preveza. It is the main and only entrance of the regional section of Ioannina. It is defined as semi-mountainous Municipality with an easy transport access, because of the national road, which crosses it (Egnatia and Ionia Road). It has an expanse of 658.880 acres and actual population of 10.130 inhabitants. It consists of 4 municipal communities which numbers 56 local communities and more than 120 settlements. Mayor is Mr. Christos Dakaletsis. Its main hallmark is the archaeological site of Dodoni, one of the most significant sites of Greece. The area has wealthy aquifer with two rivers, Louros and Acherodas, clean environment, religious monuments and many natural beauties.

Seat: Agia Kiriaki, Theriakisio Ioannina


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