City of Bucha – Ukraine

Bucha is an Ukrainian city in the district of Kiev and it owes its name to the river of the same name. Its total area is 2,658 hectares and its population is 31,897 inhabitants. It borders with the cities Irpin, Vorzel and Gostomel, as well as with the villages Mikhailivka-Rubezhivka and Blistytsia. The city is located between the small rivers Buchei and Rokach – the left tributaries of the river Irpin. There are 6 lakes in Bucha. The largest is the Yablunivka with an area of 24 hectares and follow the Industrial (5.9 hectares), Lake Park (2.9 hectares) and Peschanoe Lake (2.9 hectares).

The first written mention of the settlement on the territory of the modern city Bucha dates back to 1630. The settlement emerged from the construction of the Kiev-Covel railway in 1898 around a small train, which was stopped by the Bucha River. Bucha was one of the stops of the Kiev-Covel railway.

During the Second World War and before the liberation of Kiev from the Nazi Germany forces in December 1943, the forces of the First Ukrainian Front, under the command of the General Vatutin, were stationed in Bucha. Bucha was founded on the 9th February of 2006. Today, Bucha is a large modern city of multi-storey buildings with significant social and cultural development.

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