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1st annual meeting of Network’s BoD for 2019

The 1st annual meeting of Network’s BoD for 2019 was held on Thursday 17th January 2019, at the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece, in Athens.

The President of the Network informed the members of BoD about the participation of the Network in two European programs, the “Sports Activator” and the “Euro paragedon”, which are about athletics of the youth and the developing of activities in lakes. The President mentioned especially the second program which concerns the promotion and the exchange of the best practices at the field of social inclusion and equal opportunities by the athletics for the people with physical or mental disorders.

Furthermore all of the Board members agreed the Annual General Meeting of the Network  to be held on the 22nd of February 2019 in the municipality of Lake Plastira, at the same time with the Thematic Conference of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece about the Water, and they defined as well which will be the topics that they will be discussed at the Meeting.

Also, the President informed about the participation of the Network for second continuing year at the International Exhibition about Environmental Technologies Verde.tec, which is a unique opportunity for the Network and its Members to meet with important entities and executives of the field of environment and green economy.

Then the Members were informed about the signing of a MoU of cooperation with the Network of Municipalities of the Pindos Region, aiming at the mutual taking of initiatives and the implementation of actions that will improve the quality of life of their residents by promoting the protection and the proper use of natural resources. In the same context, the BoD Members agreed to send a delegation from both Networks to the European Parliament in Brussels next month, with the aim of meeting with the Greek MEPs to promote outstanding issues of both Networks, such as Electricity and Compensatory Benefits, Drinking Water Issues, Institutional Framework of Waterways, Lakes’ Activities, etc.

Finally, during the meeting, several technical and administrative issues were also discussed. In this context, the following subjects were unanimously approved:

  • The financial report 2018 and the budget 2019 of the Network.
  • The participation of the Municipalities of Irakleia and Pogoni as Full Members in the Network.
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