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1st Annual Meeting Of Network’s BoD For 2018

The 1st annual meeting of Network’s BoD was held on Wednesday 7th February 2018, in Athens.

The President of the Network presented the Annual Action Plan of the Network for 2018, with includes actions that aim to increase Network’s recognition by the development of cooperation with the local community as well as with educational and private entities. Moreover, the President stressed that the actions of the Network in four main technical sectors, namely in Public Power Corporation, Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company, Water Management Entities and lakes’ waterways legislation, shall contribute to the establishment of the Network’s consultative role towards the state.

In the above context, the President represented proposals for the expansion of the Network outside Greece, through the twinning between Network’s members and other European municipalities, as well as its participation in European programs and organizations.

Then, Mr. Nikolaos Choutas, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Amfilochia, informed the Board Members about technical issues related to hydroelectric power stations.

Moreover, the Members decided the Annual General Meeting of the Network to be held on 21st and 22nd of April in the city of Filippiada of the Municipality of Ziros, while they defined as well which will be the topics that they will be discussed at the Meeting.

The President especially mentioned Network’s participation in the 2nd International Exhibition of Environmental Technologies Verde.tec, as well as the co-organizing of thematic conference with Central Union of Municipalities of Greece, in September or October 2018.

During the meeting, several technical and administrative issues were also discussed. In this context, the following subjects were unanimously approved:

  • The financial statement-balance sheet 2017 and the budget 2018 of the Network.
  • The participation of the city Bucha in Ukraine as an Affiliated Member in the Network.
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